Land Issues Conference Happens in Dubai

Arabian Business outlet revealed that Dubai is set to host the first Arab Land Conference in late February. The Dubai Land Department has reportedly announced this news. The report revealed that the conference will happen on February 26-28. It will tackle several land issues, which the region is facing. This includes the land management to maximize the use of real estate and land, and reduce conflicts.

Meanwhile, DLD adds how the event will work on the enhancement of regional cooperation, the innovation of real estate reform and land management, and the capacity development of the region. “It was not a coincidence for Dubai to be chosen to host the first Arab Land Conference in partnership with the leading international institutions related to the real estate sector,” said DLD director general Sultan Butti bin Mejren.

Mejren added, “The choice was due not only to Dubai’s leading position on the global real estate stage, which has become a unique model in aspects related to real estate development, but also because of Dubai’s pioneering activities in various fields related to sustainable development, environmental conservation, the application of the highest green building standards, and maximizing the use of land necessary for people’s lives.”

“With the participation of many leading real estate and land professionals, the conference will be a high-profile platform to encourage the exchange of knowledge and the latest research that will contribute to the development of Arab countries’ capabilities in this very important economic sector,” he explained

DLD collaborated with a number of regional and international institutions and bodies, including the World Bank, the Global Land Tool Network, UN-Habitat, the Arab Union of Surveyors and the Arab League to organize the conference. Aside from the ministerial meetings, the conference will also feature technical session where research papers are made. Here the key topics:

  • Sustainable business and investment
  • Housing policy and land management,
  • The property rights of displaced people
  • Taxation policies.

Furthermore, the conference is open to those employed in the real estate sector, individuals, companies and institutions, government officials, academics, students, real estate brokers, and developers. For more suggestions just try to express your thoughts on Kroger survey.

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