How to Reduce Land-Related Conflicts in Developing Countries

A considerable percentage of the conflicts that we see in many developing countries are land-related. That is where you have people fighting over land rights. The question therefore has to be asked, as to whether there is anything which can be done, to reduce such land-related conflicts. Thankfully, the answer to that question is in the affirmative: as, indeed, there is something which can be done to proactively reduce land-related conflicts in developing countries.

What needs to be done, to reduce land-related conflicts in developing countries, is to figure out ways of detaching people’s livelihoods from the land. If people are given other ways of earning livelihoods, without having to work on the land directly, then they are likely to be less inclined to engage in land-related conflicts. If, for instance, industries are established, people won’t have to depend on agriculture: which means that they will be able to stop being obsessed with access to land.

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