How to Handle Land Disputes?

Disagreements involving land and property can cause frustration and distress. Whether it includes a local authority, neighbors, or co-owners you will need legal assistance so that you’ll come up with acceptable solutions.Nevertheless, if you’re one of the thousands of people who are having a hard time handling a land dispute read on to see some of the useful tips that can surely help you in solving your problems.

Tip #1. Review the Land Registry Plan

A land registry title plan isn’t intended to display the exact location of every boundary and drawn to small scales. This plan must be checked on the location. Make sure not to depend on the Land Registry Plan accuracy.

Actually, it is a common fallacy that such plans are totally accurate but in reality, they have been made as guides and require the solicitor’s insight who will consider the title deeds for property reviews like old photos and the surveyor’s insight who want to conduct a location visit before establishing the property’s boundary.

Tip #2. Try to avoid land disputes

Minor disagreements may possibly turn into bigger disputes most especially if they’re not carefully handled. Thus, communication is very important. Make sure to keep your neighbors up-to-date regarding the changes or work you are planning to do to your property’s boundary before starting your plan.

Tip #3. Get Support from Experts

If you’re dealing with serious land disputes, seeking help from several sources like land agents, solicitors, or members from the Agricultural Law Association is highly recommended.

Tip #4. Talk to an employed surveyor arbitrator

An employed surveyor arbitrator is capable of understanding properties encountered by the parties in construction, land, or property disputes. The decision of the arbitrator is binding and final, they have restricted rights of appeal on the court on procedural irregularities.

Undeniably, handling land disputes has never been an easy task but with proper knowledge on how to handle them rest assured that the whole process will become easier.

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